Creating a truly stylized and custom flame job isn't about watching a video and copying the steps. Developing a true understanding for ​mastering this technique, involves studying real fire itself.


Fire DVD

I don't promote the use of stencils in this video, my style is a freehand form that will help build a foundation for an overall understanding of what it actually takes to recreate the illusion of deep layers, ultimately putting the artist in charge. The style in which I teach, promotes an aggressive, burning of the surface and contouring flame licks, which is what I visualize for each individual project.​ I compare an individuals ability to reproduce this effect to simple handwriting. Everyone has there own style and signature. The level of practice and overcoming mistakes will translate into profiency. 
Be the Artist, Be in control.

Instructional Video: learn how to Airbrush Realistic fire with an airbrush, using state of the art Pigment Candies. This video contains vocally narrated steps needed to achieve a deep realistic looking fire effect. In the first segment, we'll perform the steps on a metal panel, an up close experience to get familiar with this process. In the second half, we'll show you how a Mustang drag car comes to life with a flame job. All this is created with a non toxic-water based product. The Products used in the video are Etac airbrush products. Known across the globe for accuracy across the colors spectrum and ranges of true pigment colors. 
Ragin' Cajun Fire Video. Etac and with artist Jody Barrilleaux Barrio
*Can you achieve these same results with other products? 
the answer is.... you can certainly apply the steps and techniques with similar products and expect to get similar visual results. results. if you're product doesn' have the identical clarity levels, opaque levels, and colors, you may be shy of what's expected. 
The other important part of that answer: Life of the finished product. These are carefully chosen pigments which are at the highest levels for resistance ​to fading in sunlight.
I stand behind the Etac products for use in the automotive applications. Hope you enjoy the Video!

Ragin' Cajun Fire Video Trailer 

Ragin' Cajun Fire Video